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Cannot install clover app on emulator: fails

As of May 12, 2023, the current Clover engine APK for sandbox (version 2212) seems to not create a valid appsinfo.db sqlite3 database in the emulator (no tables created - missing "apps" table). This causes the next step of installing Clover apps in the emulator using script to fail because it cannot get a list of apps to install and their locations. My environment is Apple Macbook M1 processor, latest MacOS (Ventura 13.3.1), latest Android Studio (Flamingo 2022.2.1 patch 1), and the included emulators.

Please either fix the clover engine APK for sandbox to run correctly on Apple Macbook M1 and create appsinfo.db database or provide a list of apps to install manually and their URLs so I can install them manually as a workaround.

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I am unable to reproduce this error, I have the new engine for sandbox and upgraded my python and pip. I would suggest upgrading your python and pip and installing the urllib3 module, then attempt to run the script.
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Bryan, thanks for looking into this. I am already using the latest python version 3.11.1. However, I was able to move forward from this failure by downgrading the device in emulator to use Android API level 22, rather than the latest 29 that I was using.

However, the install script started to fail at another point where it was fetching the actual APK files. The issue is that the Clover's SSL certificate at (the location from where the script downloads the APK files) seems to be missing or expired. When I modified line 60 to disable SSL certificate checking (http = urllib3.PoolManager(cert_reqs = ssl.CERT_NONE)) the script moves forward with a warning. Clover apps are now installed in the emulator device !

You might want to alert someone of the missing / expired SSL certificate at sandbox file server above. Thanks.

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