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Is it possible to push an order API to a Clover Flex device for payment?

We have a back end web based system that tracks orders, customers, inventory. We would like to use this back end system to create orders and calculate the final order total - then push this total as a custom order to Clover by API to take payment using Clover Flex or similar devices.

Is this possible?

We could do all this manually, where we work up the order on the back end system to get the Total. Then manually enter that total into the Flex device and then collect payment from the customer... any other elegant way to make this work better?

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One potential solution to automate the process could be to create a web-based interface that allows your employees to select the items for an order and then automatically calculates the total based on the prices in your backend system. When the order is complete, the web-based interface can then use Clover's Orders API to push the order to a Clover device for payment.

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Thank you, yes this is a working solution and was fairly easy to set up in this exact way. I'm hoping to improve the flow by removing the need to create an order that is pushed to the clover device. I believe this can be done using the clover REST Pay API, but I am not sure this can connect via web-based interface... it appears it can only connect via local

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Yes, you can connect over the cloud (Cloud Pay Display on the device) from your web app, but an order will be created behind the scenes, all Clover payments require an order.
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No, Clover Flex devices don't support direct order API pushes for payment. For Ehsaas Rashan Riayat, check the official Ehsaas Program platform or contact relevant authorities for assistance

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Hi , we are developers in pakistan goverenment institutes and we need to know that if we can deposit money through this in Ehsaas program beneficiaries account , can you suggest how to do it ? or if its possible ?

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If there is a device associated with the account, all REST API calls will sync with the merchant dashboard and device. If you create an order using /v3/merchants/{mId}/atomic_order/orders the order will reflect on the Clover device as an open order. The merchant can go to the device and access that order to pay for it.
I would recommend reading through

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Is there another way to do this, without creating an order?

We'd like a simple flow where our backend web based system sends a simple request to the device to collect payment. Order management is not necessary, just the amount and a tracking ID.

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Nope, all Clover payments require a Clover order.
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Indeed, I think it is feasible to smooth out the request and installment process by coordinating your back-end online framework with Clover's Programming interface. By utilizing the Programming interface abilities, you can make orders in your back-end framework and compute the last request complete. Then, at that point, utilizing the Clover Programming interface, you can push this request data, including the aggregate, to a Clover Flex or comparable gadget to work with installment assortment.

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Yes, you can utilize the Clover API to push an order API to a Clover Flex device for payment. Follow the provided documentation for smooth integration. For additional support, consider checking the Clover community forums. Best of luck with your integration!

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