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com.clover.intent.action.PAYMENT_PROCESSED issue with activating activity.

I'm working on a loyalty code system to run through the Clover Register.

However I'm having trouble with the com.clover.intent.action.PAYMENT_PROCESSED trigger opening my application to enter a code to associate with the order. This is an issue on the newest devices, ones using Android 10.

Currently have it setup with a broadcast receiver to trigger on the intent, which opens a form to enter the loyalty code. This however does not work with changes done with Android 10, and so testing on the Flex 2 & 3, Mini 2 & 3, and Station solo emulators will not open the application to the forefront.

On the other hand, having clover.intent.action.MERCHANT_TENDER open a similar screen to redeem from a loyalty code works just fine.

The issue is Android 10 not allowing background application to focus on use with a reciever. Is there another way to trigger off of the com.clover.intent.action.PAYMENT_PROCESSED intent other than a broadcast receiver?

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To add to the details, if for some reason the clover.intent.action.MERCHANT_TENDER opens an app activity, then the com.clover.intent.action.PAYMENT_PROCESSED listener is then able to also open a new activity just fine.

Guessing this has to do with how Android 10 handles activities with regards to listeners waiting on the background. Surely there has to be a way to properly get user input after a successful transaction.

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