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Understanding Semi-Integration PHP

I got Clover for my other business and love the device. I want to move my retail business to Clover as well but I use a custom POS built in PHP which is semi-integrated with Ingenico ICT250 currently. I am trying to figure out how to semi-integrate with Clover instead.

The process seems to be similar, from what I understand I need to use the REST API. There are a few things I find confusing though.

Firstly, is a sandbox account needed? Can I just use a developer account? If I use a developer account do I need to publish the application in order to use it? Or is all this even necessary for semi-integration when I am not going to be sending or receiving credit card numbers via the POS but rather having Clover handle all this?

All I need to be able to do is:

1) Send an amount and invoice # to Clover, the customer can then enter their card on the device (or we can do a manual entry) and I need to capture if it was successful or not back on the POS afterwards

2) Be able to send a refund request with amount to Clover and again get back if it was successful or not after.

Do I need to use OAUTH2.0 for all this as well? Is there no way around doing something som complicated for such as simple use scenario? If not then is the app really going to take me 2-3 months to get approved?

* I am in Canada *

Note: I also cannot create a sandbox account to begin with. There is some odd database error I just cant get around despite trying different browsers and computers, and even a different internet network. I have a separate post on this that I'm waiting for a response to.

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You would want to use this API - The challenge you are going to have is testing the integration, you need a device to test on. A sandbox account isn't going to help you in this case because I assume you do not have a devkit. It sounds like you are hoping you can use a production device to test, is that correct? That isn't really possible. Unfortunately, our semi integrated solutions aren't really set-up for this sort of case (it isn't often a merchant wants to build their own solution, we are generally dealing with large POS developers). If you want to build your own solution your best bet is to contact our developer relations team at Tell them you are a merchant and want to build your own, simple, semi-integrated solution.

Another options for you, is we have an app called "Virtual Keypad" that essentially does what you are looking for. It is a private app I believe, but I can push it to your merchant and you can try it out and see if it works for you. If you are interested in this provide me with your Clover merchant id in a moderator's only comment and I will push the app to you.

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Ok, go ahead and login to your merchant dashboard, I have installed the Virtual Keypad app for you. It requires an app on your device called "Cloud Pay Display" which will be installed automatically (you may need a reboot). Usage should be pretty self explanatory let me know if you need any help.
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Ah this is nice! This is basically what I want to be able to do, the only problem is it seems I need to enter and send the total via this app through the dashboard correct? Theres no way for me to use my PHP code to send the amount? Or be able to get back a response?

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The app is just a webpage, so you can probably just bookmark it and/or link to it from your app (you may even be able to iframe it). One thing to keep in mind there are certain values you need (token, merchant id etc.) which are populated from the dashboard. At some point in the future your token could change, etc.. If that happened you would need to access the page again through the dashboard to get a new token (this shouldn't happen right now). But, Managing this is a lot easier than building your own app.

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I have this exact situation. I am hoping to move my custom web-based system to Clover for payments and am seeking a seamless integration. I've been led down the overly complicated developer app road, but feel there has to be an easier way. Is there an app that exists that can help us make this simple integration?

@ citrusrx - did you find a solution?

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