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Create customer from credit card swipe?

I'm working on an app that needs these 2 features...

  1. Create a new customer and order based on the data from a credit card swipe.
  2. Process the total order when the customer checks out without having to reswipe the card.

Looks like I can get most of the pertinent customer data from ACTIONSECURECARD_DATA, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to process a payment with that data after the fact. Is it even possible?


A simpler way to say it may be: I'm looking to create bar tab style functionality. Customer card is pre-authorized, all items are added to their tab throughout the night, and when they close out, the final total is processed. I am working on a Clover Station dev kit, but from what I can tell, the bar tab style of functionality is only available on mini systems with secure-pay. Is that correct?

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I believe 3rd parties have absolutely no access to the card reader to obtain a name or card number let alone hold onto the card number. Its been this way for as long as I know...unless they have finally opened this up???

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