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Clover Station crashing on Payment

Hi Clover Support!

We have a merchant on Production reporting that our app crashes upon getting to the payment screen (using PaymentConnector). This seems to only happen on their Station, they have a flex that seems to be working fine.

We are currently unable to diagnose the issue since it does not look like firebase (crashlytics) has logged any fatal crashes for the Station from the last week or two (they are reporting that this has happened in the last couple of days). We are hoping to get some assistance from your team to see if you can get anything from their device logs - we've instructed them to reproduce the issue and send out the log, they have confirmed that they have done so.

I'll be adding a moderator's only comment for their details.

Clover StationPaymentConnector
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Have you tested your app on a Station 2018? I looked at the logs, and there is a lot to look at, without having a time to focus in on it is difficult to provide you with more information.

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Hi David, thanks for responding! We have another merchant using the Station 2018 who have had no problems processing payments on their terminal using our app. We've not tested on the Station 2018 devkit ourselves, however, but we do have a Station Duo/Pro devkit and it's working fine on that.

I'm wondering if this is either account related or something specific to their device - maybe possibly even a permission issue (related to the PaymentConnector or OrderConnector)? The merchant confirmed that she sent the logs around 4:01 pm EDT, would there be any logs right before that time that would be of interest? Are there any exceptions thrown around that time?

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I don't see anything helpful in the logs around that time. I do see a few crashes for that device starting on August 5, maybe that is related. But I am not sure what that crash means.
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Does the credit card payment go through if the Clover freezes in the middle of the payment?

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I guess it depends, you can always check payment recovery tools in the device, please review our docs:

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