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How can we install an internally signed certificate to Clover device?

As it is clear from the available documents (We are using "Clover Station" device), that the Security options in settings menu and Web browser is disabled in clover's launcher. But we really need to install the internally signed certificate for aur dev device.

Is there a way to install the internally signed certificate with the available options in Clover?

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Hi Dilesh,

The short answer is no, we would not allow this. Per,

Give an overview of the problem first. Explain your motivation, or what you are trying to accomplish and why. This allows other members to not only answer your technical question, but suggest alternative ways to achieve your goal. This also helps others give targeted, specific and to the point answers to your question.
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We are using proxy server for internet connection from any device and for this we need a internally signed certificate on the device.

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