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Modifiers not displaying in register consistently

Modifiers that we create/update through the API have recently not been displaying consistently on registers. This happens infrequently, but seems to becoming more common lately.
If the customer looks at Inventory through Clover's portal, everything looks fine, but registers are often displaying the wrong information. With locations with multiple registers, sometimes it is only 1 register that has incorrect info

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is there any one here?

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You haven't provided enough detail for the reported problem to be investigated. Please provide a general description of the problem. What does displaying not consistently mean?, When does this occur? Is this a production account? Can you provide us with the names/ids of modifiers that do not display correctly? Can you provide more context? Can you provide an example illustrating the problem (I expect to see this, but I see this)?

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wow. ok. For context, we (DigitalPour) have been using your API longer than anyone else on this forum. (over 7 years). I assumed most people at Clover were familiar with what we do, sadly it seems most of the folks we used to work with have moved on.

To answer your questions:
Display consistently: Among many other things, we manage customer happy hours. This means at a certain point in time, we need to update the pricing for a relatively large number of items (depending on how many tap lines they have). As mentioned, we have been doing this for 7+ years. Within the past few weeks, and with increasing frequency, we are seeing where we correctly set the prices in Clover's backend, but those changes are not consistently making it to their registers - they are showing the previous price. Usually it is just a few taps, sometimes more - as mentioned, it is not consistent.

Here is a small list of the customers (that we know of) that are having this problem. Since the issue is between Clover's backend and their registers, there is no way for us to know if this is happening unless a customer reports it.
The Bigfoot Taproom
Twisp River Tap House
Hops on Tap
Chefstable - Beer o'clock
Chefstable - Lardo

I can provide their merchant IDs if needed.

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I will also add my suspicion that this is due you trying to fix your online ordering story. Our customers have reported that the dashboard has been changing over the past few days and we now, when looking at Modifier Groups there is a column for "On POS" and one for "Online". Neither of these parameters seem to be available through the current API, but I suspect different models of your Registers are able to handle this :On POS" flag. If this is the case, it would be great if we were able to set these flags through the API
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Hi. I had thought this issue had been resolved, but apparently it is still occurring.
I have an example.
Merchant ID: 6NJGX7P3YV2C1

Dry Dock Apricot Blonde:KCJ9FX523YZSC

--- Mod Count: 5

Modifier Group:QRAW5MD6TDSBW,

modifier 1: JKT1ZG4FGS4Q0 1oz price:0

modifier 2 : ZJ20XDTEH2QHP 4oz price:200

modifier 3 : SDXVB1Z3G1X1G 16oz price:500

modifier 4 : P0N0WHZGF23ZP 32oz price:600

modifier 5 : C9JWZ8PZYBTYW 64oz price:1400

Modifier 3 (the 16oz size) was changed to $4 for happy hour, then changed back to $5 as shown, but the register is still showing $4.

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Per our logs, I see that the price was updated to 500 by your app on 2021-09-06 17:05:29.745 (MST) RequestLog{reqBody={"name":"16oz","price":500}. But at 2021-09-06 18:02:58.215 (MST) the price was set back to 400 by a Clover device. This seems to be a deliberate action by the merchant.

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the customer emphatically denies making any changes on the register.
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Hi, This issue is *still* occurring.
Latest example.
The Pour House - merchant ID: 6NJGX7P3YV2C1
Item, Station 26 Tangerine Cream, ID: JXR8M8TGSW1P6
Modifier for 16oz size: ID: VVABQMB04A67M
Price as reported by Clover API: $5.

However the sales data we are getting back shows that it is still ringing up at $4. (the happy hour price).

This issue is costing ours (and yours) customers money.

Any resolution would be appreciated

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I will have to investigate this particular item in more detail but from my initial investigation I don't see any item updates for quite some time (meaning the last update may have occurred when we were having a sync issue). Per the original resolution of this issue, it is possible that they just need to update the item (via dashboard whatever) to get the item to sync to the device.
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almosteric avatar image almosteric David Marginian ♦♦ ·
Hi David,

Thanks for looking into this.
The item was updated on 10/6, so well after the sync issue.
Also, because they have a Happy Hour - we are changing the pricing of the modifiers twice every weekday. In this case we were able to successfully change it when happy hour started, but when the HH ended, the change back to normal pricing, while showing on the backend, did not make it to the register

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Ok, I see the updates now. Do they have a specific problematic order id they can provide? I looked through most of October's orders and I only saw one order that was off and in that case the call to update the modifier's price to 5 came 1 second prior to the order, this can happen because the device is not likely to get the update within 1 second.

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Hi, We are still seeing this issue, where prices in the register do not match what we updated Clover's backend to.
Latest example:
Merchant ID: EFSJXF6W6S020 (Cork & Growler)
Modifier ID: Z47FYY1SF7XE0
Back-end shows price of 800 (happy hour pricing), but register sill shows regular price (1600)
Here is a screenshot of what I was seeing. Apparently only the items for Tap 43 displayed correctly, but customer says that this changes from week to week (this special only runs on Tuesdays - the 5 and 10oz sizes should be discounted by 50%, the other sizes by 30%, on just these 4 items)


Let me know if there is something I can tell the customer

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Looking through our logs from 12/20, I don't see any evidence of an issue on our end. After your app updates the price all orders until the next update for that modifier are for the correct amount:

Requests (all times MST):

2021-12-21 10:00:30.974 Your app updates the price: RequestLog{reqBody={"name":"10oz","price":800}

2021-12-21 10:00:31.260 Device adds modifier to an order: {reqBody={"id":"F0......9BR","amount":800,"modifier":{"id":"Z4......7XE0","price":800 ...

2021-12-21 21:00:38.706 Your app updates the price: RequestLog{reqBody={"name":"10oz","price":1600}

2021-12-23 15:50:24.648 Device adds modifier to an order: RequestLog{reqBody={"id":"44.....YJVC","amount":1600, ...

2021-12-26 18:51:30.835 Device adds modifier to an order: RequestLog{reqBody={"id":"P21V......C6FM","amount":1600, ...

If you can provide some more context on this problem that would be helpful. At what time (including timezone) is the merchant seeing the price of the modifier as 1600, and on what device? Are they expecting to see the price of the item as 800 immediately (the updates you make need to sync to the merchant's devices which can take some time and will be delayed if the device is having connectivity issues).

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almosteric avatar image almosteric David Marginian ♦♦ ·

I was looking at 12-28, but the same event should have occurred a week ago, but yes this is a daily special, so we will update the price (in this example) to $8 and then at end of day, change it back to $16. Customer is not seeing the change in the register tho.

I looked at the sales we received during this event and I saw the correct pricing, so yes, to me, everything seems working as it should, yet this customer is complaining that it isn't working. (they can be rather high maintenance).

What should I tell them?

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Same pattern on 12-28:

Your app updates the modifier:

2021-12-28 10:00:18.312 UpdateModifier RequestLog{reqBody={"name":"10oz","price":800}, rspBody={"id":"Z47FYY1SF7XE0","name":"10oz"

An order is created from the device with the correct price:

2021-12-28 18:51:49.100 ApplyModification RequestLog{reqBody={"id":"TN5DVNKWQQTAE","amount":800,"modifier":{"id":"Z47FYY1SF7XE0","price":800,"modifierGroup

Unfortunately, there is a pretty big delta there. I can't tell you when the price update was reflected on the device, but I can tell you that when an order was placed with that item that the price was correct (as set by your integration).

I am unclear on their business rules and when you should be setting the prices, etc. Have you verified that the times I provided match their expectations? If so, you will have to request for them to provide you with details of the problematic scenario (e.g. they checked device/serial number at X time and the modifier's price was still X but should have been X). If they are checking the device at 10:00 AM MST and expecting for the device to immediately reflect the updated price, that is an unrealistic expectation.

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