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Multi-location Product impovement

Dear Clover Engineer:

My name is Chase and I am the product manager.

I have been working with franchise Clients and with Clover platform set up because of the Multi location feature support.

It's have been some time the we did not see any updated and here we would like to provide you some feedback and share out though for what needs to improve.

  1. Having a Secondary/Sub/ additional layer to support Multi-location function.
    • This due to clients may have business in different states or different types of business. Will make business owner have much better visibility easier to control
  2. Enable Multi location Discounts Feature
    • This is a huge time saving for owners who would like to add discounts across all locations without adding one by one.
  3. Enable Multi item edit, not sure why this feature is only available for individual location.
    • Sometimes adding or removing modifiers or changing and setting information, will require getting into individual items for editing,it will be a huge time saving if we can edit on the Multi Location dashboard. (Refer to attachment for individual location set up page v.s Multi-location set up page)

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  4. Stock Tracking issues
    • When enabling this feature, it's great to see the stock value goes down but It should be listed sold out/no inventory available, instead of continuity selling which stock allows goes to negative.
  5. Happy Hour App
    • Great App for sure, unfortunately this also needs to enable at least on dashboard control instead of on device set up only. As decision makers, we do not go to the store office just because to set up the happy hour rules. We love this feature but need to be easy to manage as well. Please enable the backend dashboard including multi Location dashboard to allow set up those amazing deals.
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  6. Multi Location Items/Categories/ Modifier order/layout issues (missing order)
    • We have issues every time while adding/changing anything that the order will change for each location.
    • For example: we make the display order following :
      • It will alway change to Mini Sago, Oat Maik and Pearl which is ordered by the time which was created first, please create a rule that actually goes by how we set the order instead of by the created date.

Overall we like to use the products but please take our advice as consideration to make it run better and more efficiency.

Thank you so much for your time, hope that helps.

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Thank you for the feedback. This forum is monitored by Clover engineers. We are equipped to help developers work through technical issues. We are not equipped to handle product/feature improvements. Please direct this inquiry to where product owners can see it.

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