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Clover App Approval

Hi - we were asked by one of your resellers (Merchant Services of Oklahoma) to create an app that would sync data for mutual restaurant customers. We submitted the app on Feb 10 and have not heard any feedback.

I have sent 3 separate emails to and received zero communication in return.

Please let me know the expected timing of app approval and/or if you intend to move forward with this request. I'd like to give your reseller an update reseller as they keep asking me for info.

My app ID is NZCBJ05CHTJR8.



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I am also facing same issue. clover take very much time really very disappointed.

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@davidmarginian seems to be the only person actually answering any requests but I can't find a reason why some are ignored.

If anyone cracks the code, please let me know!

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Sorry, I missed this. Our app approval team has a very significant work load and we take all apps in turn. The truth is the team simply hasn't had time to get to your app yet. I know this is frustrating and I will try to get you a response but I am not sure how much of an update beyond that can be provided.

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Hi David - we've been in the pending phase for a little over 7 months now. Any hope of making it out the other side? Just trying to give our customers a ray of hope if there is one. Thanks and have a great day!
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I have a related question. We finally got our app approved after 6 months of waiting. I do not want to scare those who are waiting for their app to get approved because maybe our timing was just bad but it really did take our app 6 months to get approved:-)))

Anyway, we now have several merchants using our app. However, in order to add some additional functionality, we had to modify app permissions and request READ permissions for Employees. When you request additional permission, is the approval of that additional permission just as excruciating as the original approval?

Thanks for your response.

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I believe certain permissions require re-review by the legal team which can be time consuming. I think this is true when PII may be involved (customers, employees). I don't know for sure these questions really need to be directed to

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Ok. Thanks. It is almost impossible to get an answer from but I have sent them an email and will wait for a response.

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Hey Scot, Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the delay,

We have it assigned to a Partner Success Manager currently and are in the process of reviewing it. We added it to our queue to get approved and will have further communication for you shortly.

Again, thank you and we will be reaching out as soon as possible.

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