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Test Production Environment Pay Order

I have tested my app on the dev environment. So I would like to test the production environment now. For my app I need to create a payment which contains an order with items. What would be the easiest way to do this using my test merchant on production? I need the method to trigger a payment webhook event to my app.

I have tried using the API where I can create an order using

but when creating the card token using

I get a 401. I created another app under the test merchant account which asks permissions to everything upon installation and used the token generated with that app. I could create card tokens and pay orders doing this on development. Is there some extra step on production? Do I need this app to be published to manage transactions?

I also thought of using the Virtual Terminal but I don't see an option to attach the order to a payment. Is their a way to add an order using the Virtual Terminal? And will the Virtual Terminal trigger a webhook event?

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Virtual terminal will not trigger a webhook. The easiest thing for you to do to test would be to generate a merchant token that could be used with the ecomm API to make a payment. From your merchant's dashboard:

Account & Setup -> API Tokens -> Create New Token -> Check Enable Online Card Payments -> Select the Hosted iFrame option -> Create Token. The token will be created. The public token will be your PAKMS (used for card tokenization) and the private token will be what you use to make the charge (and other API calls).

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Thanks I had totally forgotten about the apiKey header when tokenizing which was the reason for the 401. But your approach is much better than what I was doing.

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