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Clover Permission Sets Issue


We have our app published on clover app market and have given full permission sets to it. We observed that few merchants who installed our app have less permission sets. Don't understand how its happening. We use the below url to check the permissions :

App permission set:

Read and modify your Customers data
Read and modify your Employees data
Read and modify your Inventory data
Read and modify your Merchant data
Read and modify your Orders data
Read and modify your Payments data
Process your customers' credit cards.

Clover permission sets:

permissions: { elements: [ { name: "ORDERSR" }, { name: "INVENTORYW" }, { name: "INVENTORYR" }, { name: "MERCHANTW" }, { name: "MERCHANTR" }, { name: "ORDERSW" } ] }

As you can see Customers, Payments permissions sets are not visible. Any help?

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Did you possibly add the permission at a later point (after the merchant installed the app)? Can you ask the merchant to uninstall / reinstall the app?

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