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API Getting Orders From Incorrect Date

I am having an issues where the rest api is returning orders from a date that's incorrect. We are using the clientcreatedtime and when we put in a date range for some reason the last 5 orders are returning with a date from previous date. This is not happening on sandbox only on production, any ideas?

Here is the code for getting the orders with date range: and the actual api execution:

10 |2000

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Hi, I couldn't reproduce this issue:{merch_id}/orders?filter=clientCreatedTime<1478908762000&filter=clientCreatedTime>1478195688000

Are you using UNIX time in seconds or milliseconds? Clover uses the latter.

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We are using in milliseconds and it is only happening on production with one of our products. All the others are fine.

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I skimmed through your code and can't find anything blatant. Have you tried using a REST client like Postman for the query? Can you post what an example query url looks like?

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