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Semi-integration android via USB can't connect

We have purchased a Clover Mini to integrate with our current POS (Native Android app) like this ads :

And we just have only a short guide on github :

We try run your example found on above github, but nothing happen when plugged-in (it's still "disconnected") Tried : - built "clover-connector-android-example-pos" as debug/release/signed apk - use Tablet lenovo yoga 2, samsung tab 4, nabi big tab, emulator already

Is there any tutorial or doc that is "Easy integration" like adsvertising?

EDIT - ADB error log with Samsung Tab4 :

Terminal setup failed
                                                                                                   com.clover.remote.client.transport.usb.UsbCloverManager$UsbConnectException: Device setup failed
                                                                                                       at com.clover.remote.client.transport.usb.UsbCloverManager.connect(
                                                                                                       at com.clover.remote.client.transport.usb.pos.UsbAccessorySetupUsbManager.startAccessoryMode(
                                                                                                       at com.clover.remote.client.transport.usb.pos.PosUsbRemoteProtocolService.setupUsb(
                                                                                                       at com.clover.remote.client.transport.usb.pos.PosUsbRemoteProtocolService.access$500(
                                                                                                       at com.clover.remote.client.transport.usb.pos.PosUsbRemoteProtocolService$
                                                                                                       at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
                                                                                                       at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
                                                                                                       at android.os.Looper.loop(


Remote Pay Android
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Do you see any ADB logs on your Android device when plug in the Clover Mini?

Your Android device must serve as the USB Host, most Android devices support that but do not include the proper physical hardware port. You will likely need a USB On-The-Go adapter to plug into your android device. Then you plug the Clover Mini into the USB On-The-Go adapter USB Female A-Type port much in the same way you would plug the Clover Mini into one of your computer's USB ports for ADB debugging purposes.

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From our uservoice conversation, it sounds like their tablet doesn't support OTG mode. I'm redirecting them back here to finish troubleshooting.

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It work well with Lenovo Yoga tablet, but doesn't with the Samsung Tab 4. Please to see ADB log at above question!

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