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Sandbox 'Transaction Failed: Device Error'

Our Clover sandbox is no longer opening the customer facing 'Charge X.XX on card' screen. A large message reads TRANSACTION FAILED: DEVICE ERROR.

Here is a pastebin link to the logs that print when I hit the charge-on-card button.

Hope this helps, all I've tried is rebooting. Thanks folks.

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Can you go to the help app and look for diagnostics. It is a whole bunch of hex data. The hex data might also show up in logcat. send us the data. See

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Thanks Jacob okay I hit 'Send Device Logs' there, 9.51AM (GMT), the merchant ID is VMK3PEAF3VBW and device serial is H030UQ53830503. Interestingly the diagnostics page has a red X beside 'Wifi disconnected' and 'Server disconnected', the device is most definitely connected via wifi. Not sure if that's related at all.

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My clover also says that wifi is disconnected and server is disconnected even though i can receive orders without issue.

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Hi @jacobabrams - did you get our device log?

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Yes, we've tracked down the problem. Looks like a configuration issue on our server. You are running as an EU merchant correct? We are working on this now, not sure if it will get resolved before the holiday break but it hopefully soon.

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