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Can't disassociate devkit device

I have a DevKit device that I can't disassociate from a merchant. It also doesn't appear in the list of associated devices on the DevKits tab. It actually doesn't appear in the DevKits tab at all. When I try to associate it with a new merchant I get an error of "Invalid request: That device is already activated". A factory reset does not help. The device reboots and I'm emailed a code that reactivates with the merchant I want to disassociate from.

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This can happen if you associate the devkit with a nested test merchant. I reported an issue, but I don't believe it has been resolved yet. Please send me a private post with the serial number of the device, as well as the id of the merchant that you would like to associate the dev kit with.

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Ok, go ahead and give it a shot now. You will have to factory reset the device.

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Dave, did you comment again, for some reason I can't see it. Let me know if this is resolved for you.

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