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Items removed from category after hiding from register

Need some help. Here's the issue- we will have an item in a category showing in our register. When we temporarily stop selling that item, we uncheck the “show in register” button so the register screen is less cluttered. Then at some point later on, Clover also takes the item out of the assigned category and moves it to uncategorized. I've gone back and moved the items to the correct category, but eventually Clover keeps removing them to unassigned if the item is set to not show up in the register.

So later when we try to look up past sales of those items, they are all mysteriously uncategorized. I’ve even gone back and added them back to the correct category and every time it removes them again if they don’t show in the register. Have you had this experience? Is this a glitch or has anyone found a workaround for this? We don't want to have to keep all past items showing in the register since it adds a lot of clutter, but also need them to remain in the correct category for reporting purposes.

Clover Station 2018
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I wasn't able to reproduce this, nor could I find any code that moves items between categories based on the hidden flag. Do you have any third-party apps on your device that are accessing inventory?

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None that would be accessing inventory- we have a loyalty app and a payroll app, but that's it. And it always moves the item to uncategorized. For instance, we sell draft beer so we have a draft category. When a keg kicks, we take the item out of the register and some time after doing this, it moves the item to uncategorized. As long as they show in the register, it doesn't do this.

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Can you provide the item ID for one where you've had this problem?

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Also, can you clarify if you are setting the item hidden from the Web Dashboard or from the app on the device?

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Yes- here is an example. Item ID is ZB9K3G6AF5F96

Everything is happening from the Web Dashboard.

This item was showing in the Draft category, but was greyed out as not showing in the register. I then went to the Categories menu on the left side under Inventory, then opened up the Draft category to show the various item thumbnails in this category that are showing in the register. I then clicked on an X to remove ANOTHER random item from the register. Upon doing this, Clover removed Item ID ZB9K3G6AF5F96 from the Draft category- even though it wasn't showing in the register in the first place and was not the item I was working with- along with EVERY other item in the Draft category that was also hidden from the register.

So what appears to be happening is that when an item is removed from the register, any item that is also hidden from the register is moved to Uncategorized. I have no idea why this is happening. Please help!

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I tried to reproduce this problem in my test production account by following your steps as best as I could and was unable to do so.

1) I created two inventory items "Ribs", "Pulled Pork". When creating the ribs item I made sure that "Show in Register" was unchecked.

2) I created a category named "meat" and added both "Ribs" and "Pulled Pork" to the category.

3) I went to categories, selected edit on the "meat" category and only the "Pulled Pork" item was displayed.

4) I deleted "Pulled Pork" from the "meat" category.

5) I went to "Items" searched for "Ribs" and it was still assigned to the "meat" category.

Do these steps appear to be accurate?

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Dan answered ·

When rearranging items in a category through the web dashboard, items that are "hidden in register" are not displayed in the interface and are dropped from the category if the item ordering is changed.

The on device Inventory app is also capable of rearranging items in a category, and does not remove hidden items when rearranging the category.
Launch the Inventory app.
Select the categories tab
Select the category
Long press (touch and hold) the ☰ icon in the row of the item you want to move, then drag it up/down.

Please try either using the Android app on your device to rearrange the items in categories with hidden items, or do not re-arrange items in the category after hiding items and let us know if the issue persists.

I've created a feature improvement request, but I don't have an estimate on when it will be done.

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We've done some experimenting based on your example. I used your Meat category and added Pulled Pork and Ribs- but hid Ribs from the register. I also added a third Chicken item. I noticed that when I went into the Meat category on the web dashboard and rearranged the ordering of the Pulled Pork and Chicken, the Ribs came out of category. This did NOT occur when I just had two items (Ribs and Pulled Pork) and used the X to remove the Pulled Pork from category-since there was nothing to rearrange. But adding the third item impacted the Pulled Pork that was hidden from the register and rearranging the other two from the web dashboard caused it to be removed from the category.

Using our own items, this same issue occurred and the problem appears to be when we use the web dashboard to move items around within our Draft category. We added a few items back into the Draft category, but hid them from the register, then went into the category on the web dashboard to rearrange other items shown in the register and the newly added items that were register-hidden were removed from the category. This did not happen when we rearranged items on the Inventory app on the POS itself- it appears to be directly tied to moving or deleting items from the category on the web dashboard.

We can stick to using the POS Inventory app to move things around, but the issue is that we have a lot of items in this category that we need in a particular order for the register and it is VERY tedious and frustrating to moving items around using the Inventory app on the POS- especially when you are in a hurry because you're dealing with customers. We really need the flexibility to move items around from the web dashboard in this category.

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Like Dan said, we'll be working a fix. I can't give an ETA however. In the meantime you'll need to use the workaround.

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soonermatata avatar image soonermatata Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ ·

We're in the same boat and it's costing us lots of extra time and effort to pull reports together as well as extra steps to add items back to the menu. It's good to see that the issue has been issued as a feature improvement, but want to make sure that you are aware that your customers don't see it so much as an improvement as it is fixing something broken. If clover has higher priority for bug fixes, I would feel better about the platform if it was elevated to that category.


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