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Can't create Test / debug App in Clover Sandbox environment

I've got a Clover MINI device and trying to get familiar with the Clover SDK to develop an Android Application.

My manager had configured the Clover MINI device (by creating a Sandbox account to him) and handed it over to me with an invitation for sandbox environment with Admin access.

I've then created an EU developer account and have access to Sandbox environment as ADMIN.

I am trying to upload a test APK to Sandbox to side load test app later after configure with additional Permissions (such as to access inventory etc etc).

So I've created a Sign test APK but when try to create a new App i can NOT see the Merchant to allocate the app..

Wonder why I can't create a new APP to upload APK even when I have ADMIN access to Sandbox.

Is there anything I am missing in here?

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If I understand correctly Your manager created a developer account on - this also creates a test merchant account on the same server.

Then he invited you, either to the developer account or to the test merchant account as an employee ?

You mentioned creating an EU developer account, was this an account created on - the production eu server, or was this still on ?

My recommendation moving forward is:

  1. If you haven't already, confirm that you are using an account with ADMIN access to your manager's developer account and is an ADMIN level employee on at least one of the test merchants created by your manager.
  2. While logged in to the developer account (created by your manager) confirm that the app you wish to test has been created, and is listed on the apps page
  3. Confirm that the signed APK has been uploaded to that app
  4. PIN in to the sand box device associated to the merchant account you are an ADMIN level employee of (merchant also created by your manager)
  5. Go to the App Market on the device
  6. The unpublished app should be listed, and can be installed and downloaded.
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