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Not able to connect to Clover Go device

I am trying to create an Apache Cordova plugin to integrate with the Clover Go device.
Taking reference from the I have done the following changes:

1. Created a class GoConnectorListener that implements ICloverGoConnectorListener.(In GitHub documentation, ICloverGoConnectorListener object is created while we need to implement a new class to use it)

2. Created the object overriding the methods

ccGoListener = new GoConnectorListener() {
public void...

3. Initialized cloverGo450Connector (In GitHub documentation, appVersion is not passed and it fails when not passed)

CloverGoDeviceConfiguration config = new CloverGoDeviceConfiguration.Builder(context, accessToken, goEnv, goApiKey, goSecret, appId, appVersion).deviceType(ReaderInfo.ReaderType.RP450). allowAutoConnect(false).build();
cloverGo450Connector = (CloverGoConnector) ConnectorFactory.createCloverConnector(config);

4. Sale transaction

SaleRequest request = new SaleRequest(100, "10000");;

When I added some logs in the methods overridden for GoConnectorListener object, I got following logs

onDeviceDiscovered - we were able to get Bluetooth device info


onGetMerchantInfoResponse - we got merchantInfo as null

onDeviceError - we got deviceErrorEvent.getErrorType() value as READER_NOT_CONNECTED

Can someone help me understanding where I may be missing?

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