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OAuth initial sandbox sdk returns an html page

I'm trying to get oAuth working to do Semi Integration via cloud sdk. I'm doing the auth in my server and just return the needed information to my UI to communicate with the javascript SDK

I was trying to get my access token thru the API for sandbox :<APP_ID>

But the response that I am getting in the API call was an html.

This is the page I am following:

I configured a URL callback to get the code to the sandbox merchant that has this app (app currently in Draft status).

I'm stuck at the first step where I need to be able to get the callback after invoking a /oauth/authorize.

Any help?

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Per the documentation you are looking at:

STEP 1: Request merchant authorization
When an unauthorized merchant selects and installs your app from the Clover App Market, redirect the merchant to log in to their Clover merchant account using the following URL format:

That endpoint is going to redirect the merchant to login to their Clover account. The response will be HTML because it is the Clover login page.

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Is there a way to connect without letting the merchant log in to their clover account? We want to handle everything on our end when they log in to our app without letting the merchant go through another login.

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A merchant must login to their account to install and grant your application access to their data. If we allowed you to circumvent this process that would mean any application developer could install any app on a merchant's device.

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