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How to GET merchant access_token via OAuth for existing Clover App?

We have an existing app that integrates with the clover system on the device.

We have a separate on-line portal that provides the venue with a data dashboard, currently using our own data. I would like however to integrate the dashboard with the venue's Clover data e.g. Orders/ Inventory etc.

Currently we don't store any Clover access_token, only Merchant IDs.

After reading through the documentation I discovered in order to connect a businesses data I must:

  • Access REST interface via OAuth
  • Use a valid access_token obtained via the Oauth procedure (
  • Have a URL specified under "Web App" in app settings in order to access the access_token
  • Then I can access all the API calls from our web dashboard

I tried adding a URL to an existing app (that has an APK uploaded & installed), and this broke the physical installation on the device i.e. couldn't reinstall the app (update etc). However it did then give me access to grab and use my merchants access token to pull their data into the web dashboard.

So my questions are:

  • How can I grab the access_token for a merchant via OAuth without specifying a URL in the app settings?
  • Can we have multiple "types" of the same app (e.g. Web and Clover App) - or do we have to chose one only?

NOTE: I realise we could send up an accesstoken from the installed app and store it on the server, but if there's a better way to get the accesstoken without an APK update that would be useful.

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hello You got answer?

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You don't need to specify a URL for this. In my test enviorment regardless if it's a web of android app, I use web, then exchange the code for a token using oauth, well explained here:

Just set the url to localhost.

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