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Is there some way we can consolidate payment receipts?

When paying for an order using more than one tender type, we end up having two separate payment receipts. This makes sense as it's two payments, but we're looking for a receipt that has all items and payments on them.

Order receipts seem to exclude payments, and payment receipts lack the 'timing' customisation. It's currently set to "Automatically print customer receipt after each order" however this prints on payment completion, not order completion.

The surprising thing was that the second payment receipt did not show the first payment on it.

Any suggestions?

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Yes everything you claim is true for receipts from Clover apps. A lot of thought goes into what makes the most sense in the widest possible spread of situations. Payment receipts show only one payment as it'd be confusing to give a customer a receipt including a payment that they didn't make. Order receipts don't include customer info as they are intended for the kitchen only and the information isn't relevant to the cook.

If you are developing your own app, you can print any receipt you want. Consider the options in our SDK under com.clover.sdk.v1.printer.job.*. If nothing specific fits your bill you can use the view or image print jobs are design your own custom receipt.You can try using StaticReceiptPrintJob to print a payment receipt containing all payment. I know that nothing in our apps exercises that code path so I'm not 100% positive it will give you what you want.

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