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What is difference between Clover ID and Merchant ID?

Hi @David Marginian,

Please provide the details about Clover Id and Merchant ID. Are both the same?

As per the following link:

Merchant ID (MID): Identifies your merchant account and is the same across devices with the same merchant name. (This is correct)

Clover ID: Identifies your business locations. If you have more than one location, you may have more than one Clover ID (usually one per store). (This is correct)

And also mentioned the following way to see the both via Sandbox dashboard.

Merchant ID: If you have more than one merchant, you can click Setup > Merchants to view your Merchant ID numbers under the MID column. (We saw wrong value that has 15 digits)

Clover ID: Click Setup > Merchants to view the Clover ID under each merchant name. (We saw the value of merchant id with 13 digits)

When we checked the merchant Id under Setup > Merchants, upon the Mid column we saw wrong merchant Id while the correct merchant Id is showing in the merchant column below the merchant name. So if i am correct then the merchant value except the name should be inside the MID column. Please correct me if i am wrong.


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Confusingly Clover accidentally chose to use an existing industry term when building it's developer APIs.

Clover assigns a 13 character unique ID to identify merchants which we tell our merchants is called the Clover ID but we tell developers it is called the merchant ID. Payment processors also use a 15 plus character ID called a MID which stands for merchant ID.

Developers will rarely need to interact with the longer payment processor assigned MID.

As a developer 99% of the time the merchant ID you encounter in our documention it means the 13 character Clover assigned unique ID. Only when working with payment objects and payment processor configurations will you as a developer use the longer 15 plus character ID.

Apologies for the confusion.

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