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/v3/merchants/{merchantID}/customers.csv returning fewer customer records than /v3/merchants/{merchantID}/customers

We have a merchant with 33,000 customers. We've recently observed some anomalies with the /customers.csv endpoint where it returns fewer than the complete number of customers. It typical returns between 20,000 and 26,000 customer records. This anomaly can be reliably reproduced by manually calling the endpoint using Postman or curl.

We've also noticed that regardless of the number of records eventually returned, the clover API server also returns after 60 seconds. So we're wondering if the truncated results could be the effect of some kind of server timeout on Clover's end? If this is correct, will Clover provide guidance about a fix on their end, or about a suggested workaround?

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As you've noted, this is due to our server timeout for excessively large response. I'll update my response in the future with additional information but at the moment, I would suggest avoiding large single request and maintaining a db using /v3/merchants/{merchantID}/customers

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