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How to redirect from clover register app to my app after payment?

I am building app in clover and I want to create some functionality in my app, after payment from register app. so how to detect when payment made successfully then automatically open my app. so i want to generate QR code of that payment and also QR code will be print on receipt.

Please give helpful doc.

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Please take a look at ACTION_PAYMENT_PROCESSED in the Clover Android SDK.

You should not start an activity at this point since the merchant will be printing receipts and looking at the post-payment screen. If you want to print something at this point, I think that'd be fine.

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Hello jeff,

Thanks for your reply.

is there any way to add custom button in payment app? so merchant can select that option to print receipt with qr code. for example if i proceed to order checkout using "Register" app and it will redirect to "Payment" app after success payment. right? then i want to display one more extra button "Receipt with QR" . so it will print qr code at the bottom of receipt. can you please help me?

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No, you cannot add a custom button there. You could use an Android notification to give them that option in a way that doesn't interrupt their normal payment flow. Have you looked into Smart Receipts ( Have you looked into using the receipt registration mechanism (

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Ok, Thank you jeff.

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can you please give demo, i can not get it how smart receipt works from android app?

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If you are having specific problems w/ smart receipts, please post a new question.

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