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How to hide System Bar totally

Hi Clover Team,

We want to hide System Bar at the bottom and top status bar too so that our Customers can not move from our running app to other apps installed on Clover MINI device. For that, We have enabled customer mode as suggested in the following post:

After implementation of this Code, we were able to hide both System Bar but still it is showing a Custom Bar implemented by Clover as User swipe up. Is there any way that we can disable this custom bar as well.

Actually if user taps on it then they redirect to the Clover MINI Lock screen which is not useful for them and then they can not come to our app automatically so is there any way if we can have users back in the app if they tap on this custom bar accidentally.

We just want to have our app running on front end even if users are trying to access other features intentionally.

Looking forward to hear from your side ASAP.

Thanks, Development Team

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Hi Clover Team,

Can you please provide a response on our above question? We are waiting to hear from your side if there is a way to hide system bar or any alternate way to do this?

Thanks, Development Team

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Hello Guys, Please provide response.

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