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Clover remote-pay-windows: test amounts to simulate declines etc

This is for a POS "semi-integrated" approach using the remote-pay-windows REST service.

For the sandbox environment, is there a list of test amounts that would allow triggering of transaction declines, processor offline, cvm failures, duplicates, partial amounts etc?

Currently the only way i'm able to trigger a decline is by disconnecting the ethernet cable from the Mini after the USB Pay Display app is already running.

Remote Pay Windows
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Here are some numbers that should work:

Hard Decline – 500 : 375987654000004, 6011208701116660, 5424180273333333, 4264281511117771 - (Credit) ; 4017779991118888 – (Debit)

Partial approval – 002 : 4005578003333335, 375987654111116, 6011208702221113, 5424180000005550 – (Credit) ; 5149612200000001- (Debit)

For all cards, do not enter a CVV, and any expiration date in the future will work. The cards for partial approval will automatically pay for just half of the amount (i.e. the sale amount does not matter.)

Let me know if that works for you.

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What should I enter for the CVV and expiration date? I used 123 for the CVV and 04/17 for the expiration date for the partial approval cards and received an approved full amount instead of partial. Does the transaction amount need to be a specific amount?

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No CVV, any sale amount, any expiration date that is in the future. Also, by default, all developer test merchants are pointed to a blackhole test processing environment that accepts all cards, so these manual entries won't work for you. Please email with your test merchant information so that we can convert your account to a cert processing environment if you wish to test failures.

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Thank you sophia, the timing on these answers is amazing :) our client just went live, and I won't be able to test this on the dev unit for a while (due to some dev cert errors, i know how to fix, just no time).

If anyone get's the chance to test these and confirm they work, please post a comment confirming

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link awaiting moderation, so I've been trying to integrate this now and the integration won't let me process a typed in card without a CVV. When I put in 4005578003333335, 02/20, 123 for CVV, I get "Transaction Failed: Partial authorization for %1$S [yes, this is the message] is not allowed. 'Payment has been voided.'"

Any thoughts?

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Sorry for the delayed response, acquiring and aggregating massive pdf test documents was harder than expected.

Some test cases you should be able to use:

Card Type   Transaction Type    Account Number      Transaction Amount   Response Code
Visa        Sale                4264281511117771    631.41               0
Visa        Authorization       4264281511118886    630.02               107
Visa        Authorization       4005571702222222    570.02               500
Visa        Refund              4264281511117771    631.53               0
Visa        Completion          4264281511117771    631.32               0
Visa        Authorization       4005571702222222    603.40               2

CVV: 123

Expiration Date: 4/16 [UPDATE] --> 4/17 works as well.

Response Code Key
Code    Reason
000     Approve
002     Approve for partial amount
107     Call for authorization
500     Decline
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Thank you for the response, but unfortunately due to the expiration date on these cards, it won't allow you to enter that exp date. And it doesn't trigger a decline. using 04/17 as exp date gives a success on manual entry.

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Yeah, it was unfortunate that the document I got from FirstData had such a close expiration date. That being said, that is great to hear that just changing the expiration date year solved the issue!

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Sorry, i think my wording might have been a little unclear. Given the card info above (but switching the exp date to 04/17), i'm still unable to trigger a Decline.

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Oh, interesting, completely my mistake! Looks like we will need to dig for some new CC test numbers from FD then.

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@mike, thanks for the help. Would be great to get a partial auth credit card number as well.

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