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Sales Tax Calculations not Correct

Good Morning..

I have been on this journey of figuring out WHY the Sales Tax is NOT calculating correct in Clover. I have been working with a client of mine that uses Clover. (I am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor that has worked with Clover.)

When I pull the monthly "payments" reports to use for Sales Tax filings, I have noticed that the Sales Tax calculated for "Gross Online Payments" is not calculating correctly. How I know this is because I have an excel spreadsheet that I use to double check the numbers computed in the POS that my client is using. This helps me to ensure that the numbers are calculated correctly along with helping my client make sure to enter the items in the POS correctly.

The Sales Tax rate should be reporting 7.75% for the total "Gross Online Payments". On my spreadsheet, it is saying that the reported calculated rate is calculating at a rate of 7.42% which is a problem. I have double checked my spreadsheet to make sure the format is set up correctly. It is. I have tried contacting support with Clover. Unfortunately they are of NO assistance. The funny part is if I take the total "Gross Online Payments" number and multiply it with a rate of 7.75%, the numbers are not matching the report.

I am at a loss of trying to figure this issue out. I am not sure if I need to go onsite and review EVERY single item entered into Clover hand held machine or if there is a way for me to review the items when I login to the browser. Something is wrong!!! Your help is truly appreciated!
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Without having some specifics it's hard to go any further with this. It'd help if you could give an example of a specific order that was incorrect, including all of the tax rates, items, etc. that would allow someone to reproduce the issue here.

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I am not sure if this would help or not but Clover calculates tax on a line item basis. That means any discounts that have been applied on the order level are first distributed over line items. That also means that any non-taxable line items still get their portion of the order level discounts. As Jeffrey mentioned, if there is a specific order with its receipt then it might be easier to explain.

I hope this helps.
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