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Is it possible set Tax rate to line item via REST API

I have tried whole lot of json formats to set tax rate to custom line-item. but it is not working in any case. Do anyone know any format to update. I am trying to assign tax using item API and tax_rate_item API but nothing works. I want to know which API should use to update Tax rate
and any one please tell me in which format i have to send data for now i am trying this way

{"taxRates":[{"id":"NJ9DW6QZB30DM","name":"6pk deposit","rate":0,"isDefault":false,"items":[{"id":"GE7NMR5A81Z7J"}]}]}

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Hello @jayant,
As it currently stands, you are not able to set a tax rate to a line item via the REST api. The Clover team is aware of this and are looking into it.
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I have tried to update tax via REST API and some how i am successful to do the same but it changes tax for those products which doesn't contain default tax. If i remove default tax and set the custom tax to any line item on clover website and then i update that using API it works perfectly fine. But if there is default tax to any line item it does nothing and tax remain the same. I have found one thing in all these process is, if i delete default tax, from an item, in clover website it automatically assigned that tax to line item which i have set using API.

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I want to know one thing can we delete default tax from inventory item via REST API?

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Hi @jayant,

You are able to remove default tax from an inventory item via the rest api by using this endpoint: You will want to update the `defaultTaxRates` field to be false to remove the default tax.

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