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How do I install my app on a Production Mini?

We are having issues where certain functionality works perfectly on Sandbox but when we ship, the same functionality doesn't work on Production devices. We have 3 Production devices but I cannot install any of our live apps on our device (they download but fail to install). We can install on a Production Station OK, but not on Prodcution Mini or Mobile devices.

How can we install the apps so we can properly test apps before release?


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Some initial thoughts, is the app settings flagged for Mini and Mobile under "Supported Devices"?

Is the device registered under the same merchant as the Station? If not, you'll need to create a "Merchant Group", register the other test merchants and submit the apk.

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Thanks @Sam - yes the devices are listed as supported, I have the Mobile and Station connected to the same MiD and the Mini to a different one, but have them linked via a Merchant Group that I add to approved apps for pre-live testing. The apps will get as far as downloading to the devices but they will Fail on Install every time

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We are having the same issue - our app just fails to install (it is published etc)

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