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Can the Clover MSRs read a Driver's License

Is there any way to swipe a Driver's License through the MSR on the Mobile, Mini, or Station, and then read the track data via Clover's API?

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This will depend on whether the tracks on the card are in a format that we can work with. I'll get back to you on this.

Do all driver's license follow a universal format or do they vary by state?

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There is an AAMVA standard, but different states do arrange data differently. However, we already have logic that analyzes the track data and parses everything appropriately. All we really need is the ability to grab the raw track data off the card via the MSR. From a lower level point of view, the MSR wouldn't know whether the data is Credit Card or Driver's License, or anything else for that matter (like third party ID cards, etc). What we are seeing is that when swiping a Driver's License, the MSR just doesn't output anything. Is this by design?

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Yes, this is by design as we'll need to whitelist the BIN (IIN) number to be readable by our devices. We have several security and operational requirements which we will need to review. In the meantime, please send your request to for us to submit as a ticket.

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Has there been any info on this? Is there a way to swipe a driver's license through the MSR and get the track data?

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