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Custom Tender app using HTML/CSS?

Hi there,

I'm new to Clover. I'm trying to develop a rewards app for Clover that would work in the following manner - ( Merchant facing experience)
- Cashier takes the order
- Proceeds to "Pay" screen.
- On the Pay screen, there is a custom tender say 'Rewards'
- On Clicking Rewards, I want to display a screen that will allow the Cashier to create a new customer in the Rewards program or fetch an existing customer.
- Lets assume that when the Rewards screen opens, Cashier finds that the user is eligible for rewards.
- The Cashier then redeems the reward. Upon successful redemption, the rewards screen closes and a certain amount is deducted from the total value of the order

My questions are -
1) Is it possible to do this via a pure HTML/CSS app? or I will have to use the Android SDK to build an Android app.
2) If it is possible, where can I find detailed instructions about creating a tender and invoking the HTML/CSS based app on clicking that tender?
3) If it is not possible and I'd have to use Android SDK, will I have to create android app screens compatible with all the Clover devices- Station, Flex, Mini?

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It is not possible to make a native custom tender app using just HTML/CSS. As far as the front end of a Clover native app, it is important to make sure the app is functional and presentable on all Clover devices. Otherwise, it will not be approved for publication to the Clover App Market.

Here are our docs on getting started with Clover Android development:
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