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Unable to fetch Default tax from clover SDK

Hi every one,

Clover provide us to add tax to every item and also provide option for make default tax, my problem is that, if I use default tax for every Item then, I am unable to fetch( got empty object for tax ), where as if I use custom tax then it's work properly. How to resolve this issue.

Regards Yogesh

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What are you attempting to fetch? What method are you using to retrieve it?

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I have used LineItem class to receive a single item data from Item class. below is code if (item.getPriceType() == PriceType.FIXED) lineItem = BaseApplicationContext.orderConnector.addFixedPriceLineItem(odrCreated.getId(), item.getId(), null, null) if (item.getPriceType() == PriceType.VARIABLE) lineItem = BaseApplicationContext.orderConnector.addVariablePriceLineItem(odrCreated.getId(), item.getId(), 500l, null, null) if (item.getPriceType() == PriceType.PER_UNIT) lineItem = BaseApplicationContext.orderConnector.addPerUnitLineItem(odrCreated.getId(), item.getId(), 10, null, null)

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