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Application is failed to install on Clover device because of clover.permission.POP_CASH_DRAWER

Our application needs to use the permission of "clover.permission.POP_CASH_DRAWER". According to this link we change the permission to "<uses-permissionandroid:name="clover.permission.POP_CASH_DRAWER_NEW" />". However in the generated .apk file, there are 2 permissions :
"<uses-permissionandroid:name="clover.permission.POP_CASH_DRAWER_NEW" />"
"<permissionandroid:name="clover.permission.POP_CASH_DRAWER" android:protectionLevel="0x0" />"

When we submit the .apk file for review, a reviewer told us that this new .apk file was failed to install because an existing application has owned the POP_CASH_DRAWER already.

We have no idea about the issue because we followed the instruction of the release note above. Please advise us what else we should do.
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One thing I would check for, is that you are using the clover-android-sdk version that is 167.7 or above, and a clover-android-connector-sdk version 183 or above. The clover-android-sdk defined the POP_CASH_DRAWER permission before 167.7, and clover-android-connector-sdk defined POP_CASH_DRAWER before 183. Here is the commit for clover-android-sdk that removed it, and here is the commit for clover-android-connector-sdk. So if you are using any version below those versions, your app would inherently define POP_CASH_DRAWER. I recommend switching to a newer version for both, for example the latest one for both clover-android-sdk and clover-android-connector-sdk is release 215.

Check your dependencies for your app level build.gradle, for example it should look something like this:
dependencies {
    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    implementation 'com.clover.sdk:clover-android-sdk:215'
    implementation 'com.clover.sdk:clover-android-connector-sdk:215'
    implementation ''
    implementation ''
    testImplementation 'junit:junit:4.12'
    androidTestImplementation ''
    androidTestImplementation ''

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