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What is the difference between the merchant Bundles? How does this affect app publishing?

With regards to the different Bundles a merchant can select - currently "Register" and "Terminal" bundles are available.

What is the difference between these bundles from a tech perspective? e.g.: Are there different Clover Apps available on each? Is there a difference in available modules/ permissions? Is there any further documentation available specific to developers?

I have 2 apps that currently aren't available on the Terminal bundle - How do I make my apps available on both bundles? (they are already be available on mini & mobile devices) Do we have any control over which bundles we can target?

This question explains briefly that modules are linked to bundles:

Is there a list of modules available on each bundle?

If so, is it possible to release a single app that requires certain modules on one bundle, and different modules on a different bundle (provided we can programatically change the way the apps work on different bundles using something along the lines of this -

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As referred to in this question:

The only bundle that is restricted is the Terminal Bundle.

There are 3 Bundles in total:- Terminal, Classic and Register (I have heard mention of Pro before but may be a naming convention on Classic in the EU)

Classic and Register have no module restrictions.

Terminal is limited to the following modules:

  • Merchant,
  • Payments,
  • Employees,
  • Printers,
  • Customers

In the Developer portal, you can select which "modules" your app requires. If you select any modules outside of the 5 mentioned above your app will automatically not be available on the Terminal Bundle.

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Can I know the pricing of each plan?

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