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Print reciepts automatically when using cloudpay display

I have a customer running cloudpay display. When they send the transaction and it finalizes they want the receipt to print with no customer intervention (no need to select text me a receipt or email me).

I enabled the options for “automatically print customer receipt after each order and even tried the skip receipt screen and begin next transaction boxes however when just the first is checked the text/email option still comes up. When I select the second it skips the printing all together.
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In terms of achieving the desired outcome (always print paper receipt without customer touching Clover device), you could have the merchant unselect those payment receipt settings and implement a "always print" setting in your POS. If the merchant has "always print" enabled in your POS, you could programmatically invokeInputOption to print when the Receipt Options screen is displayed. Something like:

if (deviceEvent.eventState == clover.remotepay.DeviceEventState.RECEIPT_OPTIONS && alwaysPrintSetting === true) {
  for (var option of deviceEvent.inputOptions) {
    if (option.description == "Print") {
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Thank you. would this be this compatible with Cloudpay display?
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Yes. The deviceEvent is returned in ICloverConnectorListener#onDeviceActivityStart.

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We have implemented your suggestions above. But it looks like the listener callback ICloverConnectorListener#onDeviceActivityStart is not triggering when the printer option is display in the clover screen.

Here's the snippet that we are using. It's straight from the example provided by clover SDK :)

ExampleCloverConnectorListener.prototype.onDeviceActivityStart = function (deviceEvent) {
console.log('onDeviceActivityStart Start');

So what would be preventing the callback when the printer option is being displayed? Are we missing a setting on the clover POS device?

Btw we are running this on sandbox environment.

Please advise.


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