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Clover Developer Community | Submitting Private Comments

Welcome to our community forum for Clover 3rd party developers!

You can use the community to search for answers, ask new questions, and respond to existing questions. Please follow our general guidelines when you ask or answer questions.

The community is organized into 4 spaces:

  • App Market Developer Platform, for building apps to publish on the Clover App Market using our Clover Android SDK or REST API
  • Semi-Integration, for integrating external POS software and hardware with other Clover devices using our Remote Pay SDKs
  • Clover Go, for integrating external POS software and hardware with Clover Go using our Remote Pay SDKs
  • Ideas & Feedback, for posting ideas and suggestions about improvements to our SDKs, REST API, and Clover App Market

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Submitting Private Comments

With this feature, you can provide additional information that you do not wish to post publicly. Your private comments must still meet our Community Guidelines.

To add a private comment:

  1. Select Add comment under a question or answer.
  2. In the text area that appears, write your comment.
  3. Under Submit, you can view the current permissions set for your comment. From the permissions list, select Viewable by moderators.
  4. Click Submit. Your posted comment is private.

NOTE: Your comment is private if you see a lock icon next to your name. You can refresh the webpage to confirm whether the icon appears.

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