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EMEA disaster recovery readiness | June 21st 4pm PDT - 7pm PDT / June 22nd 1am CEST - 4am CEST

For EMEA disaster recovery readiness, Clover will switch traffic back to our Brussels data center from Frankfurt.

Clover observed new issues in EMEA starting immediately when the FRA became the active datacenter. We have active and on-going issues and need to revert that change. There are a few theories as to what the root cause is that we can evaluate once we are back in a reverted state, i.e. on BRU datacenter. This reversion is standard best SRE practice.

Date of the switch

June 21st 4pm PDT - 7pm PDT / June 22nd 1am CEST - 4am CEST

Disaster recovery window details

Expect 5 minutes of downtime for this window. The following capabilities may not be available:

  • Payment authorizations
  • Boarding
  • Merchant/Developer/Reseller/CS dashboards OR Internal


Contact Clover developer support if you have questions.

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