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Level II and Level III Data

Does the Clover gateway support Level II and Level III Data?

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It'd be helpful if you could give some context. As a developer you do not communicate directly w/ Clover's payment gateway.

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If a cardholder uses a business/corporate card will the Clover gateway receive the appropriate data such that the merchant will be charged the lower rates expected with gateways that support Level II & Level III data?

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@Jeffrey Blattman or @David Marginian

Can either one of your provide a response?


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I can confirm that we are working on supporting level II data, we do not currently have plans to support level III data.

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Thank you David. Please feel free to mark this topic "answered"

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Shawn Wright avatar image Shawn Wright David Marginian ♦♦ ·

Is there an updated ETA on when levell II data will be supported?

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Level II data support is live for purchasing cards on Clover (native card card present solution for US. Includes Flex, Mini, & Station platforms also includes Mini + Station Tethering. Requirers Register & Register Lite. Excluded are Station 1, FD40, Mobile, and Keypad.) . It isn't available for our REST API, semi integrations yet (Clover Connector, etc.).

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