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Cannot access Orders (status code: 403 App doesn't have required permission: ORDERS_R)

My app is not able to read the Orders data with the exception com.clover.sdk.v1.ForbiddenException: status code: 403 App doesn't have required permission: ORDERS_R.

I've found a similar incident at Permission Error "app does not have permission ORDERS_R" but the solution provided there did not work in my case.

My app is in the sandbox account and the other apps that I have created before is working fine without any permission problem.

I have created the app via regular app creation flow (not the quick create app flow, because I could not create the app via quick create. The "Create Quick App" button stays disabled even after filling out all the fields).

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Miguel avatar image Miguel commented ·

Did the app have the correct permissions when first installed? If not, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app for the appropriate permissions to be requested.

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Hi @miguel,

No it didn't, so I have uninstalled and installed the app for a couple of times (tried both from the web and at the terminal) but it didn't work. I even created a new app and tried the uninstall/install following the advice at the comment in the other question.

However, when I came in this morning and uninstalled and installed the app, it worked this time. I confirmed that the permissions are recognized correctly even after sideloading the app from AndroidStudio.

Did you do anything?

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Miguel avatar image Miguel commented ·

I didn't make any changes on my end.

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