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Trying to print from rest api

I have a web app and I'm using the Rest API to push orders into my vendor's Clover device. Order shows up great. As a last step, so that the vendor knows the order is there, I'm hitting the print_event endpoint to print the order. When I do, I get a response back from the endpoint that the state us CREATED, it has an orderSnapshot, it has a createdTime, a modifiedTime, and a printTime. Everything I would expect to receive from a successful print; however nothing ever comes out of the printer. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. The vendor can go to the order and print it, but nothing ever comes out. Any ideas on what I can try or look at? I know the documentation says it prints to the "default printer" but where do we check which printer is the default printer or where do we set the default printer?

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Hey can you provide me the orderID and merchantID for me to take a look at the logs.
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Thank you so much for your response. So, what I have been able to nail down about this is that an order without any modifiers, prints great. The moment you add a modifier, that's when it doesn't print anymore. Here are the details:

I put this one in this morning and it did not print. If you want to compare that to one that did print, OrderID: NF4QZGJAGGH8E worked as expected.

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Thanks for this information, so Clover doesn't support firing custom items with Clover modifiers. I would recommend using the inventory item with its modifiers if you want it to print using the print endpoint.
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