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How to test in-sufficient Payment on credit/debit on Clover Sandbox App?

We have Clover Application where we are getting payment from customers for orders they created. We want to show an error message and decline that transaction if someone tries to Pay for an order which has a Payment Amount greater than their available balance.

Let's say someone is purchasing some item worth $10 and if they have a balance of $5 only on their debit card. We want to return an error message and cancel their Payment.

We tried to test payment with test card 4005 5780 0333 3335 given on Clover reference documents. But we are not getting any errors in that case.

We neither want Split Transaction nor Partial Payment. We want single transaction with full payment.

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a detailed answer on partial payments can be found here:

That card should give you a partial payment request. I ran a test with an amount of $100 and only $50 was approved. I would suggest trying a high amount to see if it can partially approve.

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We have checked that, but we are not sure how can we restrict the full amount in the sandbox. And we are using the default clover payment UI. We just pass the amount to clover and swipe the sandbox credit card. We want to check and limit credit cards for the sandbox. Can you please guide how can we achieve this?
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If you are using the device, you cannot swipe the sandbox credit card. You need to do a manual entry and use one of the partial approval cards listed

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