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Reporting sales overview report no longer shows revenue class sales only on the POS terminal. Dashboard works fine

When I look at the Reporting - Sales Overview report from my POS terminal, it no longer shows Sales by revenue Class sales. It says, No Payments made during this time period. This is ONLY on my POS terminal. If I look at the same report on the dashboard, it shows sales by revenue Class sales. I checked for any filters but there are none. Nothing has changed. The reporting time period's are within my business hours. I look at the past 30 days, and it still shows no revenue class sales. It would seem that something has been changed on my POS terminal?? We only have this one terminal. Any idea??



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Based on the information provided, it seems that there may be an issue specifically with your POS terminal. Since the reporting on the dashboard shows sales by revenue class correctly, it suggests that the problem lies with the terminal itself. Here are a few possible explanations and troubleshooting steps you can take:

Software or Configuration Issue: There could be a software or configuration issue with your POS terminal that is causing it to not display revenue class sales. You can try restarting the terminal or contacting the POS system's support team to see if they can help diagnose and resolve the issue.

Data Synchronization: It's possible that the data on your POS terminal is not properly synchronizing with the dashboard. Ensure that the terminal is connected to the internet and that any required data synchronization processes are running correctly.

Terminal Settings: Check the settings on your POS terminal to ensure that revenue class sales are enabled and set to display in the reporting overview. It's possible that a setting was accidentally changed or disabled, causing the issue.

Terminal Update: If your POS terminal recently received a software update, it's possible that the update introduced a bug or changed the way revenue class sales are displayed. In this case, contacting the POS system's support team would be beneficial, as they can provide specific guidance related to the update.

Data Corruption: It's unlikely, but there could be data corruption or data loss specific to the revenue class sales on your POS terminal. You can try resetting or reinstalling the POS software on the terminal, ensuring that you have proper backups of your data before doing so. MyMileStoneCard

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