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Discrepencies between emulator and devkit on Flex 2

Hi community!


our app is working fine on a Flex 2 emulator, but not on a production Flex 2. Main screens are loading, but as soon as I try to launch an activity within a thread, devkit gives me a white screen.

Did you encounter similar behavior while working on Flex 2 and Flex 3?


OG message:

I've been working on Clover for a certain amount of time, before the Flex was introduced in fact :D. App has always been working successfully on Flex 1, I ported it to Flex 2 (and hoping to have it working of Flex 3 soon) using an emulator. All worked well in the sandbox, UI tests are green and all, so I went to production with this upgrade.

At least one of my merchants has both a Flex 1 and a Flex 2, and on his Flex 2, the app is working but one of the app activities is showing a blank screen.

Have you ever encountered this behavior? Could it be a layout inflation issue? a problem with API level? How can you reproduce/investigated on your merchant device?

What I've checked so far:

- uninstall/install again

- the network is okay (we have data downloaded and shown on the flex)

- app tested on API 22, 27, 29, all working with devkit or emulator

I've tried to reach but we no success :( Thanks for your help!

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when you debug the devkit, is there any error in the logcat?

The new email to reach us is

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