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VOID response success but the payment still exist

Hi, I'm using remote pay iOS.
I have just test on Sandbox device.

I VOID this payment and get the response success

{success: true, result: SUCCESS, reason: voidSent, message: No extended information provided., payment: {clientCreatedTime: 1635277169000, cashbackAmount: 0, transactionInfo: {}, appTracking: {applicationID: dev.phan.flutter.clover_connect, sourceSDKVersion: 4.0.0, sourceSDK:}, order: {id: M2NW4KZN6FCCR}, amount: 500, externalPaymentId: 52, device: {id: 157b2613-b5db-ba69-b8c3-b45eb029d761}, tender: {opensCashDrawer: false, labelKey: com.clover.tender.debit_card, enabled: true, id: VYGH29SJ4N6ZG, visible: false, editable: false, label: Debit Card}, result: SUCCESS, employee: {id: GC6YVKR91Q126}, modifiedTime: 1635277173000, tipAmount: 75, taxAmount: 0, offline: false, id: J271TNWH0D6C2, createdTime: 1635277168000, cardTransaction: {type: AUTH, last4: 6668, first6: 601136, cardType: DISCOVER, referenceId: 129900500600, paymentRef: {id: J271TNWH0D6C2}, authCode: 210426, entryType: SWIPED, transactionNo: 600000, state: CLOSED, extra: {exp: 202512, athNtwkId: 06, tkntype: 1174, func: PINLESS_DEBIT, common: {"LocalDateTime":"20211026193928","POSEntryMode":"901","POSID":"5137","MerchID":"RCTST0000008099","TermEntryCapablt":"12","CardCaptCap":"1","STAN":"500600","POSCondCode":"00","TermLocInd":"0","TermID":"00000001","TrnmsnDateTime":"20211026193928","TermCatCode":"12"}, authorizingNetworkName: PULSE, cvmResult: NO_CVM_REQUIRED}, cardholderName: }}, paymentId: J271TNWH0D6C2, transactionNumber: 600000, voidReason: USER_CANCEL}

However, in the Transaction app of Sandbox device.
This transaction is still existed and can be REFUND.


In the Closeout app, this transaction is still existed in the Current Batch.

What's wrong with this VOID?

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

How much time passed between you calling void via your POS and checking the device?

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@ within 1 minutes (may be a few seconds)

I have just test on Clover Demo device. This issue is not occurred.
The VOID response is same on Sandbox, but in Transaction app, there is a Payment VOIDED.

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

Voids are async actions on the server and I am guessing it is just a sync issue. Sometimes it is going to take a bit of time for the device to sync the void.

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