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unable to connect to my app with other merchant

Hi,I have connected my app in production with one merchant .But when I try to preview same app with different merchant it shows app not found.Can you please help me with why it is showing like that?

Note: App is approved but not published. Other merchant is from same account where first merchant is there and tested

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Our dashboard has a limitation in that you can only install an app (via the UI) for the default merchant account. If you are selecting "Market Listing" and then "Preview in App Market" you can change the merchant id in the url bar to get around this.
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If we do it that way than we are getting error of Not Found for other merchants.

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Sorry, that doesn't make sense. If you would like to provide some details perhaps I can help. Let's start with exactly what your are doing and the merchant id you would like to install the app on.
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