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New test app in sandbox now completing download to devkit

I created a test android app and uploaded the app to the developer site. The app shows up in the App Market on my devkit devices, but when I click download, the button changes to say "Downloading..." and never completes the download.

The app I am trying to download is Quick18 TeeTime Test1 (com.quick18.clovertest1).

Is there a way to get any other information to troubleshoot a failed download? Or is that something obvious I am missing?

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Hi @duane-craw,

What appears in the logcat?

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01-11 15:35:29.852: I/DownloadInstallProgressManager(3164): com.quick18.clovertest1 INSTALL_PROCESSING 01-11 15:35:30.092: I/DownloadInstallProgressManager(3164): com.quick18.clovertest1 UNKNOWN

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I'm facing the same issue. Tried rebooting the Clover Station, but the screen stays at "Downloading ..." I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from Dev - Merchant account- App Market.

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Thanks @duane-craw @Kavin. Reproducible on my end with your app, Duane. Hang tight... will keep you posted.

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@duane-craw it doesn't seem like your APK uploaded successfully - when I try to download it, I'm met with a File does not exist error message. Here's the link where I'm failing to download your APK from, and where you should try to re-upload it: ('Download APK' is in the dropdown)

I just created an sandbox app and uploaded a fresh apk from scratch, and was able to download it from our app market, so confirmed that that upload functionality should be working properly from our end.

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The issue was that the APK had not successfully uploaded. If you encounter similar behavior, go to your app's Manage APKs link.

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From here, click on the dropdown menu, and select 'Download APK'. If you are met with a "File does not exist" error message, try re-uploading your APK, and see if this resolves the issue.

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