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Add button on Register to perform action

We would love the ability to add a button on to the register which will trigger a customised action. Anyone know if this can be done with an example?

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Danielle Cox avatar image Danielle Cox commented ·

There are examples in the clover example of modify order. I think that is the best you are going to get. I don't believe that you can add a button before the pay screen which is where custom tender and modify order both live.

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Mark Mullan avatar image Mark Mullan commented ·

Correct - at this point, we allow you to add Custom Tender buttons to the Register screen, but we disallow other developers from adding completely separate buttons.

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James Tickett avatar image James Tickett Mark Mullan commented ·

Hi @Mark Mullan, I just wondered if this is still true? We're seeing LoyalZoo/DigitalLoyalty have integrated with the Register app, and we're wondering how we'd go about achieving the same?

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gagan avatar image gagan James Tickett commented ·

hi have you got any how to do this?

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