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Significant non-payment NFC Problems on Flex 1- CLOVER- PLEASE HELP!


We have a business which relies on the assignment of NFC bracelets to customers. We specifically chose Clover as a merchant (rather than Square or others) because of the Flex device and the android SDK so we could integrate our customer assignment of NFC Bracelets. We are using non-payment NFC on Flex 1.

We have invested a significant amount of time and resources to the development of our solution and we have had nothing but problems with the NFC reader on the Clover Flex device. It has become so disruptive that we are at the point of abandoning Clover and moving to a different platform. We have also tried this forum and don't seem to get any kind of reasonable support from Clover development team.

What happens is that we will swap an NFC bracelet to assign it to a customer record. It might work once, or it might work 5 or 6 times, but very soon the NFC service stops working and we have to kill/restart our app. Sometimes we have to kill/restart the app another 6 times just to get NFC working again. We have posted about this issue in the forum several times, but we never seem to get any kind of resolution or real support from clover development.

We posted the following:


NFC Dead Object

Frequently NFC service is not working in android app .,
Here is link of nfc utils code :

We are using NFC scanning in multiple times, in multiple screen, but when we redirect to another screen , nfc service dead.


One platform user responded with our issues by saying:"

"Android NFC on Clover devices is not capable of handling rapid on and off of the NFC adapter (which is what happens when there are multiple Activities using NFC in succession) . Clover devices can only handle one Activity reading NFC."

my developer's response was:

"I tested with single activity but still getting same issue , sometime it's reading for 3 times, sometime its reading 6 time. So its not guarantee that it is reading tag continuously.
In our application we need to read NFC tag continuously .
Also CloverCFPActivity has been deprecated , and not provide implementation with fragment .

I check with android sdk (without clover SDK) , but it is also not reading tag continuously.


We also know that it is possible for NFC to work as the native Clover sales app works fine. In fact, we have discovered that if we go to he clover sales app when our app stops working, it re-sets something and allows NFC to start working again. So we know it CAN be solved.

Can someone within clover development team please take this issue seriously and help us get it resolved? We are about to open 2 more locations and if i can't get it resolved i am going to abandon clover and move to another platform.

Thank you

Clover Android SDK
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Can you link to the posts where you have requested support in the past for reference?

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I think you can also click on my name to see other posts-- which were for NFC on flex 2. I think my developer has also posted.

Thank you

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Yes, I can see your posts, but has your developer asked any additional questions beyond that? I only see responses from you. It is possible that Kepat missed your follow-up in the post you just referenced.

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i'm honestly not sure. All i know is that we've been struggling to programmatically resolve this issue for a year and we need help from clover.

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