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Using tokenized across locations


If Clover eCommerce api is being used for several locations of the same business that are connected with the same MID. In that case, is there any way to use the tokenized cards across location.

My scenario is that a business has several locations and has online ordering. It each location has a different clover account but all of them have the same merchant id. When customers place order for a location, during that process, they also store the credit card on file on file. We use iframe to tokenize the card and store it on the customer in that location. Currently, if the customer places another order for a different location of the same business, they have to provide the credit card again. From a customer's point of view, they are placing orders for the same business so they should not have to store credit cards individually for different locations of the same busienss.

Are there any suggestions or workaround.

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Ecommerce API is designed with the assumption that, even though a merchant may have multiple locations, they will have a main Clover Merchant UUID to run Ecommerce transactions. For this reason, we do not currently have a widespread system in place to allow the transfer of payment tokens from Merchant UUID to Merchant UUID. If you would like to talk to our team about your specific use case to help us prioritize a feature that would allow multi-merchant tokens, please reach out to us at

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Hi Richelle,

Thanks for your response. I am not talking about transferring token from MID to MID. Basically, in my sandbox account, I created several test accounts. Each account then represents a physical store and they all have the same MID.

Now for online ordering, let us assume that the customer wants to place an order for location 1. I generate the card token using iframe and auth token from location 1 account and store it on the customer in that account. Next the same logical customer wants to place another order for a different location. In this case, I am unable to use the token that was previously generated and store it on a customer in the second location.

I am not sure if I clearly described the scenario. I am assuming that a multi-location business will typically have one MID for all its locations (but different Clover accounts). If later on that business decides to have online as well, do they need to create another MID for online sales?

Look forward to your response.

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I miswrote. By MID, I meant the Clover Merchant UUID. Apologies for the confusion. I'll edit my original post.

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So in the case I described, is the expectation that a business with 5 locations will have 2 MIDs? 1 MID for all 5 physical locations and another for online sales for all 5 locations?


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